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Congregation Shomrei Torah | Family Trip to Israel
With Rabbi Stephanie Kramer

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  • 9 nights' accommodation at select hotels
  • 10 days of touring in a luxury, air-conditioned bus with licensed, English speaking tour educator
  • 1 group transfer and assistance to and from the airport
  • All site entrance fees and program fees as per itinerary
  • Youth counselor for one day in Jerusalem
  • Meals: daily breakfast, 3 lunches & 6 dinners
  • Portage at the airport and hotels


A group flight is not included in the package. There are many options to fly from San Francisco to Tel Aviv; feel free to choose the most convenient for you. United Airlines offers a daily direct flight and El Al offers a direct flight 2-3 times a week.

In addition, United offers flights through Washington, DC and Newark; Delta Airlines through JFK; and Air Canada through Toronto. Also, many European carriers connect through Frankfurt, London, Munich, Zurich, Vienna, Rome, Paris, etc.

We recommend landing in Israel any time on June 25th, as the program officially starts on June 26th with breakfast. As for the departure, we recommend booking late-night flights on July 4th or by 1:30 a.m. on July 5th.

A group transfer will be offered for these United Airlines direct flights:

  • SFO to Tel Aviv: United flight #954 departing San Francisco June 24, 2020 at 7:45 p.m., arriving the next day at 7:55 p.m.
  • Tel Aviv to SFO: United flight #955 departing Tel Aviv July 5, 2020 at 12:55 a.m. (just after midnight), arriving the same morning at 6:00 a.m.

If you are landing/departing at a similar time, you are welcome to join the group transfer. Additional transfers can be booked with our customer service center, 888-811-2812 (9 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., EST)


Day One: Wednesday, June 24, 2020


  • Depart the USA.

Overnight: Flight


Day Two: Thursday, June 25, 2020


  • Late-night arrival at Ben Gurion International Airport. Our representative will be on hand to assist with all formalities and ensure your journey has the smoothest of starts.
  • Meet your tour educator, who will accompany you on this journey of education and inspiration.
  • Transfer to Jerusalem and check into the hotel.

Overnight: Dan Boutique, Jerusalem


Day Three: Friday, June 26, 2020


  • Breakfast at an Israeli hotel is an experience in itself. Start the day with a bounteous buffet.
  • 9:00 a.m. At the Heart of It All: Explore the City of David, the core of ancient Jerusalem, and learn how the city was administered during the First Temple period. Our visit will include:
    • Archaeological discoveries illustrating how the wealthy and powerful lived in ancient Jerusalem.
    • Wading through the 2,700-year-old water tunnels (there’s an optional dry exit), an architectural wonder of King Hezekiah’s.
  • Enter the Old City of Jerusalem.
  • A First Look at the Holy City:Over the centuries, many have been moved and awed by their first sight of  We'll stop at the Kotel (Western Wall) to celebrate our arrival with a special ceremony and the traditional “shehechiyanu” blessing of thanksgiving.
  • Togetherness at the Wall: Visit Azarat Israel, the pluralistic section of the Kotel. This space for egalitarian prayer was established after sustained struggle, and the issue of progressive prayer at Judaism’s most sacred site remains one of the most controversial issues in the Jewish world.
  • Take a walking tour through Jerusalem's Old City and the Jewish Quarter and experience the center of Jewish life, history, and holiness. Among the highlights will be:
    • The Cardo, the main street of Roman-controlled Jerusalem and its spectacular Byzantine-era columns.
    • King Hezekiah's Broad Wall, a massive wall built to protect Jerusalem from invasion 2,700 year ago.
    • Hurva Square, the center of modern-day life in the Jewish Quarter.
    • Become Your Favorite Biblical Character! Live the Bible’s authentic costumes and amazing backgrounds provide a fun photo opportunity for you to dress up like Moses, Ruth, or a Temple Priest.
  • Return to the hotel.
  • Kabbalat Shabbat services at Kehilat Shir Hadash in Tzur Hadassah, led by Rabbi Stacey Blank.
  • Home hospitality Shabbat dinner/communal Shabbat dinner with local congregants.
  • Return to Jerusalem.

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Overnight: Dan Boutique, Jerusalem


Day Four: Saturday, June 27, 2020


  • Walking tour in the Old City of Jerusalem. Visit various sites in the Muslim, Armenian, and Christian Quarters, including the fascinating medieval Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
  • Walk through Jerusalem’s famous Old City Market (shuk).
  • A Windmill, a Rich Guy, and a New Jerusalem: Follow the clues, manage your missions, and discover the secrets behind Yemin Moshe. From a generous Baron to an iconic windmill, this scavenger hunt will introduce you to the story and sights of Jerusalem as it moved out of the Old City and into the new world.
  • Return to the hotel.
  • Ben Kodesh Lechol: Havdallah overlooking the Old City.
  • Free time in the Mamilla Mall, an upscale shopping street and the only open-air mall in Jerusalem, located outside the Jaffa Gate of the Old City.
  • 9:00 p.m. Lights! Action! Jerusalem! Watch the Night Spectacular at the Tower of David Museum. The walls of the Citadel serve as the stage for this cinematic celebration of sight and sound depicting the story of Jerusalem.

 Meals: Breakfast

Overnight: Dan Boutique, Jerusalem


Day Five: Sunday, June 28, 2020


  • Breakfast at the hotel.

Adults and youth over the age of 12:

  • VisitYad Vashem, the national memorial to the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust, an essential emotional and educational experience. Your guided tour will include:
    • TheAvenue of the Righteous, where trees symbolic of the renewal of life have been planted along with plaques honoring brave non-Jews who saved Jews during the Shoah.
    • TheHistorical Museum, a state-of-the-art interactive display reflecting decades of research and educational expertise. The story of the Holocaust, with an emphasis on individual victims, is told through survivor testimonies, original artifacts, and personal possessions saved from the ghettos and camps.
    • The Children's Memorial, where candles shine like stars in the sky to commemorate the 1.5 million children lost during the Holocaust.

Children with a youth counselor:

  • Special children’s program, possibly at the Bloomfield Science Museum or the Biblical Zoo.


  • Take a multicultural tasting journey through the hustle and bustle of Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda open-air market: Enjoy the sights, smells, tastes and sounds of this vibrant area where Jerusalemites shop. This doubles as a delicious
  • Diggin' for Roots: Get in touch with the land and history of Israel. Take part in an archaeological dig at the Beit Guvrin Caves. Get your hands dirty uncovering pottery from the Hellenistic period, 2300 years ago, and then crawl through the Maresha Cave Labyrinth (non-crawling options are available) in this UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Free time to explore downtown Jerusalem, including the Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall and the Nahalat Shiva neighbourhood.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Overnight: Dan Boutique, Jerusalem


Day Six: Monday, June 29, 2020


  • Enjoy an early breakfast at the hotel before setting out to explore the Dead Sea
  • As Low as It Goes: We'll drive to the Dead Sea Basin, 1412 feet below sea level and the lowest place on earth. The desert, the landscape, and the views are breathtaking.
  • The Last Stand: Take the cable car to the top of Masada with its extraordinary views and fascinating archaeological remains. This UNESCO World Heritage site is where Jewish rebels are believed to have made their final attempt to resist Roman invaders (c 74 CE) before committing mass suicide. We'll learn about Masada's importance as a symbol of Jewish defense and discuss its influence on modern Israel.
  • (Time permitting) Hike in Nahal David, part of the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve. This is a desert oasis with springs, waterfalls, and freshwater pools, so don’t forget your swimsuits. Featured are the ibex, hyraxes, and other desert mammals that live in this area. Nahal David is named after the biblical David, who fled here to escape from the murderous King Saul.
  • The Sea of Salt: Float into happiness at the Dead Sea. Not much can live or swim in what is the saltiest piece of water in the world, nine times saltier than the ocean, but the weightless feeling of floating is great fun.
  • We’ll drive by Qumran, where a separatist Jewish sect from the Second Temple period created an isolated community and where the Dead Sea Scrolls, some of the most ancient and important religious manuscripts in existence, were discovered.
  • The Desert Experience: Guests are treated like royalty in desert societies. Take a camel for a test drive and ride into the Judean wilderness. Afterward, we’ll recline in a spacious tent and enjoy Middle Eastern hospitality and a traditional “hafla” dinner. Even the patriarch Abraham will be on hand to welcome us to Genesis Land as we get a taste of life and travel in Biblical times.
  • Return to Jerusalem.

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Overnight: Dan Boutique, Jerusalem


Day Seven: Tuesday, June 30, 2020


  • Breakfast at the hotel, followed by check-out.
  • 8:30 a.m. The Art of Tikkun Olam: Meet elderly, often impoverished, immigrants who are finding a sense of purpose and creating beautiful artwork at Yad LaKashish (Lifeline for the Elderly). We'll hear personal stories and see the aging artisans in action, talk with those running this inspirational organization, and check out the fabulous gift shop that supports this endeavor.
  • As we drive north on the Trans-Israel Highway, there will be plenty of opportunities to see the Security Barrier which runs along the seam zone between Israel and the Palestinian territories and to learn about the barrier’s effects on Israeli security and Palestinian communities.
  • A Taste of the Galilee: We’ll be welcomed into the home of an Israeli Arab family to hear about their lives and to enjoy a mini workshop on the culinary traditions of the Galilee. Our GalilEat host family will prepare some delicious local delicacies and provide expert advice as we whip up a classic local dish for lunch.
  • Visit Kfar Kedem in the Galilee for a hands-on family experience, exploring Jewish life of 2,000 years ago, including donkey rides, costumes, pita baking, and more.
  • Visit Tiberias on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, numbered among the four Jewish holy cities in the land because of its connection with the codification of the Talmud some 1,600 years ago.
  • Cruise the Sea of Galilee on a boat inspired by the fishing vessels used here 2,000 years ago. Don’t worry, the safety precautions and comfort levels will be modern rather than ancient!
  • Check into the hotel.
  • Enjoy free time at leisure at the hotel and beach.
  • Dinner at the hotel.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Overnight: Kibbutz Merom Golan


Day Eight: Wednesday, July 1, 2020


  • Perhaps it's the combination of mysticism and art, and maybe it's the mountain air in Israel's highest city; entering Tsfat, there is a sense of something uniquely Jewish but not quite of this world. Here, you'll:
    • Visit the Ari Synagogueand share in the inspiration and innovation that moved Rabbi Isaac Luria (the Holy Ari) and his fellow mystics. In Tsfat they developed the Kabbalah, the esoteric insights of Judaism and created Kabbalat Shabbat, the prayers sung on Friday evenings to welcome the arrival of the Sabbath.
    • See the Caro Synagogue, built originally, like the Ari, in the 16th It is where Rabbi Joseph Caro, one of the greatest of all Jewish legal authorities, taught and lived. Hear the story of how he was visited here by a maggid, an angelic messenger, who revealed secrets of the Torah.
    • Walk through the cobbled streets and alleyways to the Artists' Colonywith its galleries, shops, and studios.
  • Take a jeep tour off-road on the Golan Heights to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery and gain insight into the strategic complexity of the Golan.
  • (Time permitting) Northern Borders, Northern Battles: We'll gaze across the Golan and into Syria from the top of Mount Bental and gain powerful insights into Israel's geopolitical and security situation. Analyze the current challenges Israel faces on its northern border, examine the impact of the tragic civil war in Syria, and hunker down in bunkers from the vital battles that took place here during the 1973 Yom Kippur War.
  • Cool Off Down the Jordan River: With the hot weather, it’s time to take to the water with rafting or kayaking down the Jordan River. This is the parched Middle East rather than the Rockies, so the current is mainly calm and suitable for ages five and up. Water shoes are recommended.
  • Return to the hotel for dinner.

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Overnight: Kibbutz Merom Golan


Day Nine: Thursday, July 2, 2020


  • Check out of the hotel.
  • From the Sky to the Sea: At Rosh Hanikra, the steepest cable car ride in the world will take us down to beautiful sea grottos (sea caves) formed by countless waves hitting the soft chalk rock.
  • Walk (about a mile) through the lush green fields to the Goats with the Wind Farm and Restaurant, where you’ll enjoy a gourmet organic vegetarian lunch and wine tasting. The farm is renowned for its award-winning organic goat cheeses.
  • Drive to Caesarea, one of the Land of Israel's most important cities during the Roman Period. Explore life 2,000 years ago with its ancient theater, palace, and bathhouse.
  • Continue along the coast to Tel Aviv, also known as “the city that never sleeps,” with its centers of culture, recreation, and national history, great beaches, and fine stores.
  • Check into the hotel.
  • Explore the renovated Old Port of Tel Aviv, with its wonderful restaurants, cafés, and shops, right on the water’s edge; OR the Tahana, Jaffa’s old railway station, renovated and restored as a great pedestrian complex, with restaurants, shops, and open spaces for people-watching.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Overnight: Tal Hotel, Tel Aviv


Day Ten: Friday, July 3, 2020


  • 9:00 a.m. Beginnings: Modern Tel Aviv grew out of ancient Gaze out over the Mediterranean Sea; learn why Jaffa, mentioned in the biblical story of Jonah and the Whale, is so historically important; and see how its Old City reflects the present as well as the past.
  • Walk through Jaffa’s famous flea market – Shuk Hapishpeshim.
  • What’s Going on in Bohemian Tel Aviv? Join an expert on Tel Aviv’s alternative scene for an urban adventure. Explore the latest street art, slang, and graffiti and find out what they reveal about life, ideas, and ideology in Israel’s cultural capital.
  • From Hebrew City to Hebrew State: Walk along the Independence Trail and embark on a remarkable journey that begins with the founding of Tel Aviv in 1909 and ends with the establishment of Israel in 1948.
  • Walk through Tel Aviv’s famous Carmel Market (Shuk).
  • Stroll down the Nahalat Binyamin pedestrian mall, with its bi-weekly craft fair and eateries.
  • Return to the hotel.
  • Kabbalat Shabbat services with Beit Tefilah Yisraeli at Tel Aviv Port, including music, prayer, dance, and poetry.
  • Shabbat dinner will be at Beit Kandinoff, where culture abounds. Combining a contemporary art gallery, featuring rotating exhibits by established and up-and-coming artists, with a top-notch restaurant and bar, this gem is located in an ancient Jaffa building. Chefs Yogev Yaros and Golomb Sky’s menu features Mediterranean cuisine based on fresh, high-quality ingredients from local markets. The bar adds an impressive selection of wines and cocktails.

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Overnight: Tal Hotel, Tel Aviv


Day Eleven: Saturday, July 4, 2020 | Happy 4th of July!


  • 11:00 a.m. Check out of the hotel.
  • Hallelujah! A People and Their Prayers: Experience the diversity and dynamism of Jewish life at the rejuvenated Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot. A highlight is their new Synagogue Exhibition which combines the museum’s famed collection of synagogue models with thrilling video art which explore the places where Jews pray, around the world and through the ages. The tour will include:
    • Our Heroes: Younger (and not so young) visitors will be inspired and entertained by Heroes: Trailblazers of the Jewish People, an interactive exhibition about Jews who have changed the world.
    • Have You Heard the One About…? Get ready to laugh and learn with Let There Be Laughter, a celebration of Jewish humor from Sholem Aleichem to Seinfeld.
  • Arming for Independence: Visit the Ayalon Institute near Rehovot and uncover its role in the establishment of the State of Israel. This secret ammunition factory produced millions of bullets for Jewish forces fighting for a Jewish State and the end of British rule over Palestine.
  • Free time to enjoy the city.
  • Festive Farewell Dinner: Enjoy the best of Israeli cuisine and hospitality as we visit the home of Chef Dan Cretella for The pastoral views from his Ben Nun village are lovely and the menu is seasonal, local, and delicious as Dan demonstrates why Israel is increasingly known not just for its politics and history, but also for its food.
  • Transfer to Ben Gurion International Airport and check in for your flight.

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Overnight: Flight


Day Twelve: Sunday, July 5, 2020


  • Return to the USA.

Need to Know


  • Group rates are per person based on double occupancy and a minimum of 20 full-paying participants. Should the number of participants drop below the minimum listed above, we will adjust the cost of the trip to reflect the additional expense of operating the program.
  • Tour prices are per person in U.S. dollars. All hotel accommodations, motor coach transportation, special dinners, sightseeing, admissions, luggage handling and the services of local guides, drivers, and the tour guide/educator are included.


Da'at Educational Expeditions reserves the right to adjust its terms of payment, including cancelation policies and initial deposits. Notification of any changes will be made explicitly to the participants where relevant.

  • Initial deposit of $500 per person, non-refundable, non-transferable is due at the time of reservation unless another amount is indicated for the particular trip or seminar.
  • Final payment is due 90 days before the scheduled trip begins, or as specified in your invoice.


Cancelations need to be made in writing. Cancelation fees will be based on the date that the written cancelation is received.

Cancelation fees:

  • 90 days or more prior to departure: the deposit
  • 89 to 46 days prior to departure: 50% of the total trip cost
  • 45 days to the day of departure/no-show: 100% of the total trip cost

Cancelation fees may also include:

  • Hotel or supplier cancelation fees.
  • For trips in Israel only: The cost of the PEACE OF MIND TRAVEL PROTECTION PROGRAM (POM), if this was purchased.
  • Group airfare penalty fee.


We strongly recommend that you purchase your own travel insurance. Please discuss land, air and health insurance options with your insurance provider or contact Travel Insured at 1-800-344-6226, ext. 257. Some insurance programs provide more comprehensive coverage when the policy is purchased in close proximity to the initial trip deposit. We therefore recommend that you secure insurance within 14 days of your initial deposit payment date.


The trip price includes all hotel accommodations, in hotel rooms with private baths. Our standard is to provide the best available hotels while considering value. Although the level of the accommodations may differ slightly from hotel to hotel, we are committed to your comfort. Standard-size rooms are generally smaller outside of North America. They usually accommodate two people and include either one queen-size bed or two single beds (pushed together and made up separately, but with one headboard). While some hotels provide an extra bed in a standard-size room for use by a child under the age of 12, we recommend that families of four or more should book adjoining or connecting rooms.


Are included as specified in the itinerary.


All trips are conducted by our tour educators or local guides who remain with the group throughout the tour.


All gratuities for restaurant staff at group meals are included.


    • Credit card fees
    • Transportation in the evening when dinner is on own.
    • Amendments to the program: In the event that any sites, programs or meals etc are added to the program, an additional fee may be required.
    • Personal extras: Items of personal nature such as laundry, wines, mineral water, beverages, coffee, tea, food other than the table d’hotel menu, passport and visa fees, insurance, and foreign port taxes, unless otherwise specified.
    • Water or snacks on the bus (unless indicated otherwise)
    • US and foreign airport taxes, Q fuel surcharge and border taxes when applicable.
    • Gratuities for Tour Educator (Guide) and Driver. We recommend the following guidelines for tips (amounts indicated in US dollars):
      Group of 20 participants and more:
      Tour Educator: $8 | Driver: $4 - per participant per day
      Hostess (when included in the package):
      $2 per participant per day or a minimum of $50 per day total
      A security guard and/or a youth counselor (when included):
      $1 per participant per day per security guard, per youth counselor


  • The first two people in any double or triple room are charged full package rates as adults, even if the second person is a child under the age of 18.

    For this reason, the first two people you select for a double or triple room MUST be selected as adults in order for the registration process to succeed.

    To register the following room configurations:

    • For double room occupancy for:
      • 1 adult & 1 child - Please select 2 adults.
      • 2 children - Please select 2 adults.
    • For triple room occupancy for:
      • 2 adults & 1 child - Please select 2 adults & 1 child**
      • 1 adult & 2 children - Please select 2 adults & 1 child**
      • 3 children - Please select 2 adults & 1 child**

    (**Reduced rate for a child as a 3rd in a triple room will only be applied if the child is under the age of 18.

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  • By paying a deposit upon registration, you are agreeing to ARZA World terms.
  • We highly recommend carefully reviewing those terms for full details about conditions and penalties.
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