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ARZA World Tour Educators are all experts in their fields. Their level of knowledge is outstanding and their familiarity with the various destinations is unparalleled. Most of all however, they are chosen for their ability to synthesize information and weave stories together with the expertise of an academic and the passion of a storyteller…..
Uri Feinberg

Uri Feinberg, Tour Educator

Uri Feinberg has worked in the field of Jewish education since 1995 and has been a licensed tour educator for 11 years. Emigrating from the US with his family when he was 10, Uri grew up in Jerusalem, served in the IDF and traveled the world. He graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2004 with an MA in Contemporary Jewry. He also holds a BA in History and Literature. More...
Mike Hollander

Mike Hollander, Tour Educator

Mike was born in Canada and made aliyah in 1988. Since his move to Israel and upon completing the Israel Tour Guide licensing course, Mike has been lecturing, teaching courses on long-term programs in Israel, as well as guiding people all over the country. Between 2001-4, Mike was sent to Great Britain by the Jewish Agency for Israel, to serve as an educational emissary with the Federation of Zionist Youth.. More...

Muki Jankelowitz

Muki Jankelowitz, Tour Educator

Muki was born in South Africa and grew up deeply involved in the local Jewish community, and was heavily active in the Habonim-Dror youth movement. In 1987, Muki made Aliyah to Kibbutz Tuval where he was active in setting up the Kibbutz Seminar Center, which dealt with Galilee issues such as settlement and co-existence. More...

Mike Rogoff

Mike Rogoff, Tour Educator

Mike Rogoff was born in Cape Town, South Africa. In 1970 Mike settled in Israel, seeking his ancestral roots. After a brief period studying Hebrew and milking cows on a kibbutz, he continued his studies at Tel Aviv University, from which he holds a High School Teaching Diploma. However, two summers as a counselor, guide and educator for teen groups, persuaded him that the entire Land of the Bible was a more fascinating classroom than any four walls could ever be. More...

Zvi Levran

Zvi Levran, Tour Educator

Zvi was born in New York and has lived in Israel for almost 30 years. While in the U.S., he worked in Jewish education in numerous schools, camps and college settings. In Israel, he worked in several Jewish and Zionist formal and non-formal educational frameworks, including the Melitz Centers for Jewish and Zionist Education, Young Judea Year Course, the IDF (as an Education Officer) and an Israeli high school, teaching Jewish history. More...

Keren Hananel

Keren Hananel, Tour Educator

Keren was born and raised in Israel and served in the Israeli Air force. Upon completion of the army, Keren studied and completed a bachelors degree in Israel Studies and Geography at Bar Ilan University. Keren is an engaging Tour Educator. More...

Michal Granot

Michal Granot, Tour Educator

Michal is a 32 year old native of Israel who has traveled widely and has made a special point of engaging with a wide number of cultures and peoples. Although her focus is and has always been Israel and the Jewish people, Michal has studied, traveled and guided in countries such as Morocco, Turkey, Georgia and Albania among others. More...

Koren Eisner

Koren Eisner, Tour Educator

Koren Eisner is an Israeli born tour educator. He was a counselor to high school youth as a part of his army service and headed "community education" on Kibbutz Tselim before starting his undergraduate degree. Koren tries to open travellers' eyes to the world and show them a personal connection to Israel whilst enhancing their relationship with the country. More...

Doron Wilfand

Doron Wilfand, Tour Educator

Doron was born and raised on Kibbutz Ein-Hashofet in Israel. He is currently working on his dissertation on the use of the Hebrew Bible in the New Testemant at Duke University. During his graduate studies at Hebrew University and Duke, Doron focussed on Ancient Judaism and the birth of Christianity, but also wrote and researched perceptions of this period in modern Zionism and their reflection on Jewish Christian relations. More...

Yishai Shavit

Yishay Shavit, Tour Educator

At the tender age of 15 was when Yishay Shavit started guiding, initially during his involvement in a youth movement, then continuing during his years in voluntary service as well as during his army service and then more formally during the past ten years, receiving his official guiding license in 2007. More...

Lana Zilberman Soloway

Lana Zilberman Soloway, Tour Educator

Lana Zilberman made Aliyah with her family in 1990 from Moscow, just before the fall of the Soviet Union. She learned Hebrew in a bomb shelter during the First Gulf War, served as an Intelligence Officer in Gaza during the Second Intifada, and has been making it her mission to spread her love of pluralistic Judaism and Zionism ever since. More...