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Safety and Security

Safety & Security | ARZA World For the many years that we have been organizing tours, safety and security have always been our number-one priorities. We review our itineraries on a daily basis and maintain ongoing contact with government and security offices to ensure that our groups are safe and our destinations secure. While you may be concerned about travel during the sometimes volatile periods in Israel, you can be certain that we take every safety and security precaution necessary for our clients.

In addition to refraining from entering unsafe areas, we never intentionally bring groups to any site or region that we feel is unsafe. Our Israel tours do not travel to the West Bank or Gaza. All of our guides carry cell phones, and we would not hesitate to move groups at a moment's notice. We use private bus companies, and instruct our participants to stay away from public transportation. Medics and security guards are also available at an additional cost.

Please know that we would not operate trips to destinations that are not safe and that we try to provide the highest standard of safety and security. We hope and pray for peace and security and keep our clients’ safety in mind at all times.