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Historical Architecture and Design in Israel

The Roman Influence

The Roman Influence | Israel Travel GuideAs you travel on your Israel tour, you’ll come across many structures from the time of King Herod I. Herod the Great was known as much for his building as for his brutality, and was responsible for ancient Israel’s most famous structures and fortresses – from Masada and Herodion to the expansion of the Second Temple in Jerusalem.
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East Meets West

East Meets West | Israel Travel GuideIsrael is an architectural composite, blending design trends stemming from the Middle East and Europe. As the host to conquerors from both the East and West, it was frequently rebuilt and restored. Walk through Caesarea’s ancient remains, where you can marvel the mix of Roman, Byzantine, Crusader and Ottoman ruins. Learn more


Bauhaus Boom

Bauhaus Boom | Israel Travel GuideTel Aviv was designated a World Cultural Heritage Site for being home to the most Bauhaus-designed buildings in the world. Known as the ‘The White City,’ it was Tel Aviv’s need for quick and affordable construction that made the principles of Bauhaus design particularly attractive to the first residents.
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