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Cities of Israel

Tel Aviv Travel Guide

Tel Aviv Travel Guide Known for its non-stop action, Tel Aviv attracts visitors from all over the world. Beautiful beaches, tree-lined boulevards, a burgeoning fashion industry, dynamic galleries and a sense of history are but a few of the unique attractions in the first modern Israeli city. Come see where Israel was proclaimed a state, and experience the Big Orange, a city that never sleeps. Learn more


Jerusalem Travel Guide

Jerusalem Travel GuideIsrael’s largest city is also the most redolent with history – with unique beauty and meaning to travelers. Journey to Jerusalem for its historical sites as well as the vibrant cultural scene. Enjoy a concert with the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, experience thousands of years of Jewish culture and archaeology at the Israel Museum, find hope amidst the ashes at Yad Vashem. Learn more


Haifa Travel Guide

Haifa Travel GuideThe city of Haifa is located on the slopes of Mount Carmel, perched above the scenic Mediterranean coastline. Haifa is home to a vibrant mix of Arabs and Jews living in this hillside city, where the stunning sea vies with mountain vistas. Take in the sights of Haifa, experiencing the quaint charms of the German Colony and the beauty of the formal Bahai Gardens. Learn more


Caesarea Travel Guide

Caesarea Travel GuideVisit Caesarea, known for its historical importance as well as its modern incarnation as a vacation enclave with an 18-hole golf course. Trek through the fascinating excavations, a treasure trove of historical facts and fascinating stories. Admire the elegant details of Herod’s palace and take a dip in the turquoise waters of the bay. Learn more


Eilat Travel Guide

Eilat Travel GuideGo south on your Israel tour and visit the country’s southernmost city, Eilat, a unique mix of desert tranquility and beach resort. As Israel’s Riveria, it attracts domestic and international tourists year-round for its seaside attractions and laidback vibe. Learn more


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