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Caesarea Travel Guide

Caesarea, The Roman Capital

Caesarea | Israel Travel GuideCaesarea’s origins are layered, which is often the case in this part of the world. It is thought to be founded by Straton, a 4th century Sidonese ruler, and then captured and made part of the Hasmonean Kingdom before ending up in Phoenician and then Egyptian hands. It finally came under the control of Rome and King Herod, the local Roman agent, in 63 BCE. Learn more


Architectural Marvels

 Roman Theater | Israel Travel GuideHerod the Great intended to create the largest harbor in the Mediterranean, competing with Jerusalem for the status of grandest city in Palestine. Herod gifted the city of Caesarea to his patron Julius Caesar, emperor of the great Roman Empire. In his honor, Herod built an aqueduct, hippodrome and a grand amphitheater, parts of which remain standing to this day. Learn more


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