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Kings City - Eilat

Built over a 40,000 square feet area on three levels, the park is designed in the setting of a king's palace and can handle 1,800 visitors per day. A spokesman for Kings City said that they expected approximately 500,000 people to pass through the new complex in its first year of operation.

The park is divided into four sections in what park management says will "convey to visitors an experience of a voyage in time through caves quarried in the rock, sailing through King Solomon's halls and an abundance of interactive experiences."

According to a park brochure, visitors will be able to view screenings of 3-D films in the "Voyage to the past" section, which will include elements in motion and active chairs, which take the visitor through a unique experience centered on the story of ancient Egypt and the era of Pharaohs.

"The cave of illusions" will include an interactive museum with 65 attractions such as giant labyrinths, a "crooked" room and "test yourself" games.
Visitors will reach the entrance to the "Biblical cave" via an elevator which descends 100 feet below the earth to a cave carved from rock, where they will be able to watch staged scenes from the Bible.

In the fourth section of the park, visitors will have opportunity to take a boat ride through "King Solomon's waterfalls", designed to recreate elements from King Solomon's era. According to many, the king used Eilat as a trade center. The 10-minute ride ends in an artificial lake reached through "a huge, exciting and thrilling water slide."

The park is open from 9:00 a.m. till 1:00 a.m. everyday except for Friday when it closes for Shabbat. It reopens on Saturday night.

ARZA World travelers can experience the “Kings city” on their next visit to Israel.

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