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Haifa Travel Guide

Haifa - Israel’s Northern Port

Haifa | Israel Travel GuideVisit Haifa, Israel's northern port city and enjoy breathtaking views from the urban slopes of Mount Carmel down to the Mediterranean Sea. A unique city of ethnic diversity and coexistence, Haifa is home to excellent museums, sandy beaches and the only subway in Israel, the Carmelit. Learn more


Bahai Gardens

Bahai Gardens | Israel Travel GuideOne of Haifa's most enduring landmarks, the Bahai Gardens is a place of rare, formal beauty and peaceful contemplation. One of the most visited sites in Israel, the gardens of the Bahai are a testament to its believers, who pray for non-violence and acceptance of people of all faiths. Learn more


Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel | Israel Travel GuideThe Carmel range extends for five miles, sloping in the south and rising to the north. Pockmarked with caves, it offered hideouts and places of refuge for invaders in ancient times, and now creates an enjoyable destination for hikers. Densely forested in places, it has a mix of trees that offer it a more traditional European atmosphere and make it a popular region. Learn more


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