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Jerusalem Travel Guide

Jerusalem Guide

Jerusalem GuideNo tour of Israel would be complete without a visit to the holy city of Jerusalem. Throughout the ages, Jerusalem has been the symbol of Jewish identity, with the Old City at its center, home to the three great monotheistic religions of the world. The New City of Jerusalem meshes old and new, with a unique urban fabric of vastly differing neighborhoods. Learn more


The Old City of Jerusalem

The Old City | Israel Travel GuideThe Old City of Jerusalem, a prime destination for visitors coming to tour Israel, occupies an important role in the hearts and minds of Jews, Muslims and Christians alike. Must-see sites include the Western Wall, the cornerstone of Jewish heritage, the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aksa mosque atop the Temple Mount. Learn more


The Jewish Quarter

The Jewish Quarter | Israel Travel GuideLocated just above the Western Wall and west of the Temple Mount, the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City is a fascinating neighborhood, rich in history and architecture. It is a prime destination whether visiting Israel on a Jewish heritage tour, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah tour, or a family journey to Israel. Learn more


Yad Vashem Museum

Yad Vashem | Israel Travel GuideNestled in a hillside overlooking Jerusalem's Ein Kerem valley, Yad Vashem commemorates the events of the Holocaust and is dedicated to the six million Jews who perished during World War Two. More than ten years of planning and reconstruction work went into recreating this architectural feat, consisting of diverse spaces devoted to different aspects of the Holocaust. Learn more


The Western Wall

The Western Wall | Israel Travel GuideThe Western Wall (known in Hebrew as the Kotel) is the heart of Jerusalem’s Old City. Often called the Wailing Wall for those who frequent the wall, rocking their bodies in prayer in a movement that resembles crying bodies, it is the site most sacred to the Jewish people and one not to be missed when seeing Israel. Learn more


Davidson Center

Davidson Center | Israel Travel GuideThis archaeological park is the first of its kind in Israel, a technological tribute to centuries past. While a visit to the Western Wall remains a staple of any tour to Israel, an exploration of the Davidson Center expands on the historical importance of the Western Wall and its surroundings, offering greater understanding of the entire area. Learn more


Israel Museum

Israel Museum | Israel Travel GuideLocated in the heart of Jerusalem, the Israel Museum was founded in 1965 with the intention of preserving Jewish history as well as celebrating the country’s fine arts. The museum's unique blend of Judaica, archaeological artifacts and contemporary arts make it conceptually different and far broader than most museums around the world. Learn more


Israel Reform Movement

Reform Movement | Israel Travel GuideThe Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism (IMPJ) is Israel’s liberal Jewish religious movement, and a constituent member of the World Union of Progressive Judaism. As such, the IMPJ offers a renewed expression of Judaism and Jewish identity in Israel. Learn more


Something Old, Something New

Jerusalem | Israel Travel GuideMaybe your itinerary for your tour to Israel includes a trip to Eilat, or a few days in the Golan. But no matter where you go in Israel, Jerusalem will surely be your number one destination. Jerusalem is a city of “most” – the most sacred, most densely populated, and most popular destination for tourists. Learn more


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