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Israel Museum

Located near the Knesset, Israel’s seat of government, the Israel Museum was founded in 1965 with the intention of preserving Jewish history as well as celebrating fine arts. The museum's unique blend of Judaica items, archaeological artifacts and contemporary arts make it conceptually different than most museums around the world.

While most museums limit their focus to a single field, whether history, archaeology, classic art, modern art or another area, the Israel Museum adheres to an inclusive approach. The museum's creators have chosen to bring together archaeology, fine arts, books and lithography under one roof. The museum's vast grounds and state of the art campus is divided into several wings, allowing for this seamless blend of themes.

Whether on a group tour, a private Israel trip, a family tour or a Jewish heritage tour, when visiting Jerusalem be sure to put some time aside to visit this world class museum.

Israel Museum Children's Wing

Any family tour of Israel needs sites and destinations that are designed to attract the interest of children. The Israel Museum's Children and Youth Wing is as educational as it is enjoyable for people of all ages. With a highly qualified staff specializing in child activity and learning, this is an experience your kids will never forget.

Visitors to the Youth Wing can gain an understanding about the illustration and production of children's books. They can also learn about the importance of recycling and may participate in any one of the workshops dedicated to cultural studies.

Most of the workshops held in the Children's Wing accept adult participants, offering parents and adult companions the opportunity to stay with your children, or to visit the grounds on your own knowing that your children are in good hands.

Israel Museum Shrine of the Book

With its unique shape and glistening white dome, the Shrine of the Book is a staple feature of the museum and one of Jerusalem's prime architectural landmarks.

The Shrine of the Book houses the ancient Dead Sea scrolls, some 900 historic documents estimated to have been written around 100 AD and believed to be excerpts of the Hebrew Bible.

Found in and around the caves of the Dead Sea in the late 1950s, these precious manuscripts are of invaluable importance to historians and believers as they are the last remaining original biblical documents still in existence. The scrolls attest to the religious practices of the Jewish community at the time of the Second Temple.

Judaica and Jewish Ethnography Wing

The Jewish Ethnography Hall provides a comprehensive guide to Jewish life and practices, helping visitors understand what it is about this monotheistic religion that has made it so resilient and the oldest surviving religion in the world.

The wing includes an assortment of artifacts and memorabilia, ranging from domestic relics such as spice boxes and cutlery to holy vessels such as sterling silver Torah covers and illustrated Haggadah books.

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