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Yad Vashem Museum

Nestled into a hillside overlooking Jerusalem's Ein Kerem Valley stands Yad Vashem, the historic museum commemorating the events of the Holocaust and devoted to the six million Jews who perished. More than ten years of planning and reconstruction work have gone into creating this architecturally stimulating structure, consisting of over twelve diverse spaces, each dedicated to a different aspect of the Holocaust. Together the assorted spaces create a historical narrative of the Holocaust.

Any Jewish heritage tours of Israel require a visit to Yad Vashem, in order to fully understand the meaning of the State of Israel and its place in the Jewish consciousness.

Children’s Holocaust Memorial

Designed by acclaimed architect Moshe Safdie, the Children's Holocaust Memorial is set underground. Walking past the arched entrance, the experience begins as recorded voices are heard through concealed speakers calling out the names of the children who perished in the Holocaust. The mirrored walls of the entry multiply the flame of a single candle into an infinite number of flames—one of the many symbolic features intended to give visitors a visual idea of the multitudes who lost their lives.

Yad Vashem's Learning Center

When on a bar/bat Mitzvah tour to Israel, or when traveling with teenagers, it’s worth visiting Yad Vashem's Learning Center and Visual Center. The Learning Center allows visitors to see, hear and study the major questions of ‘how’ and ‘why’ that plague Holocaust survivors, with recordings by prominent philosophers, thinkers, authors and survivors that help contemplate these eternal questions.

Like the Learning Center, the Visual Center offers a vast archive of documentary films and footage about the Holocaust as well as providing taped testimonials by survivors.

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