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Tel Aviv Travel Guide

The Big Orange

Tel Aviv Guide | Israel Travel GuideKnown as the 'Big Orange,' Tel Aviv is an exciting and fast-paced city whose energetic residents enjoy living life in the fast lane. Tel Aviv is all about the energy and appetites of Israel’s first modern city, revealing in its streets and urban texture the very essence of Israeli society. Learn more


Independence Hall

Independence Hall | Israel Travel GuideA visit to Tel Aviv’s Independence Hall is a necessary stop for any tour of Israel, putting the country’s history in context and offering an opportunity to see where it all started. Located on the first floor of Dizengoff House at 16 Rothschild Boulevard, it was the site where David Ben-Gurion, Israel’s first premier, formally declared the State of Israel on May 14, 1948. Learn more


The New State of Israel

Declaration of Independence | Israel Travel GuideThe declaration of independence of the State of Israel was the culmination of 2,000 years of hope for the Jewish people. The creation of Israel from the ashes of the Holocaust marked the end of foreign rule in Palestine and signified new hope for all Jews who had yearned for a new homeland in the land of Israel. Learn more


Arts and Culture

Mann & Habima Theater | Israel Travel GuideTel Aviv is a city with a vast appetite for a wide range of arts and culture. Any night of the week finds locals at gallery openings, dance performances at the Suzanne Dellal Center, concerts with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra at the historic Mann Auditorium, jazz and rock bands at a myriad of local clubs or taking in a new play at the famous Habima National Theater. Learn more


Ben Gurion Airport

Ben Gurion Airport | Israel Travel GuideArrive on your trip to Israel at Ben Gurion International Airport. Once luggage has been collected, it’s an easy 20-minute transfer by train, bus or intra-city taxi to downtown Tel Aviv or a 40-minute drive to Jerusalem. On your way back home, leave time to enjoy the airport’s main shopping and dining concourse. Learn more


Dizengoff Street

Dizengoff Street | Israel Travel GuideThe street that was named for the city’s first mayor symbolized a brash new culture in the newly minted state and is now regarded – albeit less reverently – as a great place to walk the dog, meet friends for coffee or a beer, catch a movie and shop for shoes and bridal gowns. Enjoy Dizengoff’s resurgent status as a street for high fashion shopping. Learn more



Jaffa | Israel Travel GuideJaffa is the complete antithesis of its fast-paced northern neighbor, Tel Aviv. While the two form one greater municipal area, Jaffa retains a distinctly laid-back character, with its winding streets and crumbling Ottoman-era period buildings sitting cheek by jowl with modern high rises and the historic Old City. Make seaside Jaffa part of your Israel tour. Learn more


Shopping in Tel Aviv

Shopping in Tel Aviv | Israel Travel GuideShop ‘til you drop in Israel’s most fashionable city. Stroll Dizengoff and Sheinkin, Tel Aviv’s version of Greenwich Village, as well as Tel Aviv’s newest hip spot to shop, Gan Hachashmal. Drop by the Azrieli tower complex for an urban shopping mall experience and make sure to visit the observatory at the top. Learn more


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