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Arts and Culture

Enjoy a vast array of cultural opportunities when traveling in Israel. Tel Aviv is host to the famed Israel Philharmonic Orchestra as well as the long-standing Habima and Cameri Theaters, the New Israel Opera and Israel Ballet, and the Suzanne Dellal Center. Tel Aviv also boasts a plethora of smaller theaters and clubs -- catch a rising actor or pop star at Tzavta, Barby and Levontin 7 or try the Gesher Theater Company and the new Nalaga’at Center in Jaffa, where actors who are blind and/or deaf create theater magic for their audiences.

Mann Auditorium

The Mann Auditorium is home to the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, under the direction of Zubin Mehta. Most often referred to by its Hebrew name, Heichal Hatarbut – the ‘Hall of Culture’ is known for its superb acoustics and artistic program. Since its founding in 1957, it has hosted some of the world’s finest musicians and leading orchestras. Enjoy a musical interlude while visiting Israel.
Ticket information: The Mann Auditorium schedule regularly includes concerts, as well as other musical events. Call 03-621-1777.

Habima National Theater

Founded in 1913 in Vilnius, Lithuania, Habima first found fame with its iconic 1923 production of "The Dybbuk." Mentored by the renowned Russian acting teacher Stanislavsky, it was a hothouse for his intensive acting method. In 1926, the Habima collective of actors moved to Israel and began to present original plays in the Hebrew language in addition to translated classics. The theater house at the end of Rothschild Boulevard was officially opened in 1946 and is currently undergoing renovations in order to increase its theater space and offerings.
Ticket information: Habima National Theater performances are staged at several theater houses in Tel Aviv as well as the main house. Call 03-629-5555.

Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center - TAPAC

The Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center is home to the Cameri Theater, established over 60 years ago and becoming one of Israel's first Hebrew-language repertory theaters. The Cameri has a reputation for social responsibility, presenting plays that have delved into the many emotions and issues of this complex country.
Ticket information: Cameri Theater performances are staged in several theaters within the TAPAC complex. Call 03-606-0960 // 03-606-0900.

New Israel Opera

As early as 1923, there was opera staged in Israel. The early Palestine Opera and Palestine Folk Opera companies mounted both traditional operas and the first Hebrew opera in the early pre-state years. The founding of the Israel National Opera under the direction of Edis de Philippe in 1945, marked a new moment in the arts for the young state. De Philippe nurtured developing stars – a young Placido Domingo studied in Israel for a few years – and sent her performers all over the country. The Israel Opera marked a new beginning in 1985 with a new name and direction. Visit and enjoy both classic and modern productions at Israel’s flagship opera house.
Ticket information: The New Israel Opera performances are staged in the opera house within the TAPAC complex. Call 03-606-0960 // 03-606-0900.

Israel Ballet Center

The brainchild of Berta Yampolsky and Hillel Markman, the Israel Ballet developed from a small regional ensemble in 1967 to the current, full-fledged ballet company, complete with its own school, the Classical Ballet Center. The ballet performs in conjunction with the New Israel Opera productions as well as staging performances of its own repertory in venues countrywide and at home at TAPAC.
Ticket information: The Israel Ballet Center performances are staged in the opera house within the TAPAC complex. Call 03-604-6610.

Suzanne Dellal Center

Celebrating its 20th year, the Suzanne Dellal Center made it clear to the world that modern and contemporary dance had arrived in Israel. The Dellal Center marked the resurgence of its surrounding neighborhood, Neve Tzedek, a former hotbed of young artists and performers. Catch young and established companies on almost any night of the week from Israel and all over the world.
Ticket information: Call the Suzanne Dellal Center at 03-510-5656.


Acts big and small come to Barby, from international stars to local favorites. Feel like you’re a real Israeli with a trip to one of their clubs – there are two locations -- and return home with some new tunes to download.
Ticket information: Call Barby at 03-518-8123.

Gesher Theater Company

Formed in 1991 as a Russian language theater company, Gesher immediately wowed audiences with its acting and sophisticated productions. Performing both locally and abroad with most of their current work in Hebrew, the company employs elements of traditional Russian theater with a modern approach.
Ticket information: Call the Gesher Theater Company at 03-515-7000.


Founded in 2002 by Adina Tal and Eran Gur as a performance company for people with hearing and vision impairment, Nalaga’at inaugurated their own performing center in 2007. Visit this theater for a fascinating and moving performance – visit their Café Kapish for the tasty treats and a chance to order in sign language. Be challenged at Nalaga’at.
Ticket information: Call Nalga’at at 03-633-0808.

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