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Ben Gurion Airport

Israel’s Ben Gurion International Airport is a busy hub of activity. Enjoy easy access to both Jerusalem (about 40 minutes) and Tel Aviv via rental car, taxi, bus and train service (Tel Aviv only). Located a short distance from Tel Aviv (about 20 minutes), Ben Gurion Airport’s new terminal offers ease of access and all the appropriate amenities. Rent a phone, use the bank or buy some last minute gifts.

Flight Information

For arrival and departure information in English, call +972-3-975-5555, or visit the Ben Gurion Airport website.

Entry Forms

Visitors on an Israel tour require a passport that is valid for the next six months. You will be asked to complete an entry form during the flight. It is important to fill it in accurately and retain a copy for the end of your tour of Israel. The completed entry form and passport are submitted at border control in Ben Gurion Airport when you arrive. Your passport will be stamped with an entry visa; you’ll then proceed to baggage claim and customs, after which you’ll be able to exit to the main arrivals hall and arrange for airport transfers.


Articles that do not need to be declared include no more than one quart of hard liquor, two quarts of wine and half a pound of tobacco per person aged 17 and over. In addition, gifts and electronic goods worth no more than $200 can be brought into Israel, as well as no more than 6 pounds of food.

Leaving the Country

Travelers leaving Israel go through a careful security check, followed by airline check-in. Be prepared to answer a series of questions regarding who packed your luggage; whether your luggage was with you at all times once it was packed; were you given anything to bring back to your home country; and where you traveled during your trip to Israel. Once you’ve finished passport control, enjoy the duty-free shops located in and around the central rotunda, in addition to your last good cup of Israeli espresso. There is also a synagogue in the main terminal. Moving sidewalks lead from the central rotunda to all departure gates. Passengers with special needs can request extra assistance upon arrival at the airport as needed.

Transportation to and from Ben Gurion Airport

Tel Aviv: 20 minutes by train. Allow for traffic if traveling by bus and/or taxi.
Haifa: 90 minutes by train. Allow for traffic if traveling by bus and/or taxi.
Jerusalem: 45-60 minutes by bus. Allow for traffic if traveling by bus and/or taxi.
Nesher Taxi Service to Jerusalem: A shared van with a fixed rate per passenger.
Private taxis are available to all destinations. Make sure to board a taxi that is at the main taxi stand outside the airport and ask for the meter to be turned on.
For train schedules, visit the Israel Railways website.
For information about bus services to and from the airport, visit the Egged website.

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