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Dizengoff Street

Touring Israel includes so many experiences -- from seeing heritage and holy sites to shopping and street life. Tel Aviv offers all of it.

Walking Dizengoff

One of Tel Aviv’s earliest avenues, Dizengoff Street was named in 1934 for Tel Aviv’s first mayor, Meir Dizengoff. At the time, it was the place to be and represented the new state’s energy and cultural life. After falling on hard times during the 1970s and 1980s along with other parts of the city, Dizengoff is currently experiencing something of a renaissance with new shops, cafes and restaurants opening that make the street a fun destination. When you stroll Dizengoff, know that you’re doing something so distinctly Israeli, it even has its own verb, l’hiz’dan’geff – to walk down Dizengoff.

Dizengoff Street begins at the corner of Ibn Gabirol Street, and runs north, past the Dizengoff shopping center and Dizengoff Square – centered by the multi-colored fountain created by artist Yaakov Agam – and ending near the recently refurbished boardwalk of Tel Aviv’s port. Cafes can be found all along the street, but the bars and fashion boutiques tend to be concentrated at the northern end of the street. Stop in at Kedem Sasson for men and women’s clothing in big, bold shapes, Tal Beck for easy-to-wear wrap top and dresses or Enki by V.v. and Naama Bezalel for a young and au courant look. Refresh yourselves with an ice cream at ArcoBlanco (#165), a beer at Ilka (#148) or a game of pool at Mate (#226).

And for some other shopping:

Sheinkin Street, Israel’s Greenwich Village

For a change of pace, stroll down Tel Aviv’s Sheinkin Street. Narrow and chock full of interest, it’s a classic Tel Aviv stretch – young hipsters and mothers pushing baby carriages vie for room on the sidewalk with cafe tables, organic produce and fruit drink bars. Do some shopping at one of the many Israeli boutiques and then regroup with a cup of coffee and a snack at neighborhood favorite Orna and Ella, midway along the street.

Shabazi Street, for some French flavor

Enjoy a quiet stroll up Shabazi, the winding main drag of Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv’s first Jewish neighborhood outside Jaffa and now home to architects, artists and many lovingly restored homes. Located in the southern end of Tel Aviv and not far from the beach, pop in at one of the galleries and enjoy a glass of wine before heading for a performance at the Suzanne Dellal Center. Marvel at the ceramic arts displayed in Shlush Shloshim Gallery; splurge on something for the kids at Babette’s; and admire the rough-cut stones and unpolished gold jewelry at Agas V’Tamar.

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