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Tours of Tel Aviv

Boulevard Stroll – Stop #1

Most of Tel Aviv’s main attractions are within a short walk or taxi ride of one another. A good starting point for a city tour is along the tree-lined and architecturally rich Rothschild Boulevard, located in the heart of Tel Aviv. It was here, at number sixteen on May 14, 1948 that David Ben-Gurion declared the new State of Israel.

Rothschild Boulevard and its adjacent streets are home to numerous examples of the German Bauhaus architectural style, brought to Israel by refugee architects in the 1930s and 1940s. Tel Aviv is known as the White City for its concentration of Bauhaus architecture and gained UNESCO recognition as a world heritage site. Keep your eye out for older buildings with a vaguely Moorish feel, known as the eclectic style of architecture, also prevalent in Tel Aviv.

Southern Shores – Stop #2

Walk the southern part of the city starting with the Tuesday and Friday craft fairs at Nahalat Binyamin. Make your way through the colorful and bustling Carmel Market and the adjacent Yemenite Quarter, established years back by immigrants from Yemen. Continue through Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv’s first official Jewish neighborhood and now home to a lively gallery and restaurant scene, anchored by the Susanne Dellal Center for Modern Dance. Further south is Jaffa and its Old City, dating back nearly 3,000 years, although much of its architecture is from the Ottoman period. Jaffa’s Old City offers spectacular views of Tel Aviv and the coastal strip from the Summit Garden. Be sure to explore the winding alleyways of the Old Ciy’s artists’ quarters and galleries.

Rabin Square – Stop #3

Rabin Square is an important central Tel Aviv landmark, the ad-hoc home to large political rallies and parades and site of the 1995 assassination of Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin. Ibn Gabirol Street, one of Tel Aviv’s main commercial thoroughfares, borders the square and extends south and north through the city, ending near the green expanses of the Yarkon Park, named for the Yarkon River that flows through it before emptying into the Mediterranean.

On the Town – Stop #4

Day or night, something is always happening in Tel Aviv. Enjoy the Tel Aviv Museum’s selection of modern and contemporary art along with its roster of evening concerts and special events; take in some Israeli music at Tzavta, the quintessential Tel Aviv club or stroll the Tel Aviv port at the northern end of the city and catch a concert at Hangar 11 or jazz at a waterside bar. Create your own adventure in one of the city’s many bars, cafes and musical hangouts.

Culinary Adventures – Stop #5

Get a taste of Tel Aviv while on your tour of Israel. Israelis delight in their food and Tel Aviv boasts a wide variety of cuisines to try during your trip. Whether it is French or Mediterranean haute cuisine, street-side eateries that specialize in skewered meats, a hummousiya for some hummous-and-pita swipes or a quick hafuch, Israel’s version of the cappucino, keep your energy up with some food delights and enjoy eating your way though town.

Kicking Back – Stop #6

After a wonderful day of exploring town, with shopping stops on Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff, the Azrieli Center for the urban mall experience or the quaint and charming shops lining Neve Tzedek’s Shabazi Street, relax by the beach with a beer in hand and some French fries – the locals call them ‘chips’ – at one of the many beachside cafes. Save a day for relaxing on the beach, enjoying the Mediterranean sea-breezes and your friends and family.

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