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Israel's Very Best Hotel Rooms

Best Hotel Rooms | Israel Travel GuideGetting married in Israel or having a celebration? Want to know where and how can you stay to spoil yourself on your Israel tour? We've put together a list of the most elite hotel rooms in Israel so you'll know exactly where to go. Learn more


Israel's Best Hummus

Israel Best Hummus | Israel Travel GuideWhat? You didn't know hummus could be eaten as a meal? Well, here's a list of the best hummus restaurants that you must visit on your tour to Israel. Learn more


Israel's Best Falafel

Israel Best Falafel | Israel Travel GuideFalafel has always been a subject for debate – which falafel is the tastiest? Which is more special? And who makes genuine falafel “the way it should be”? The debate is bolstered by the issue of the origin of falafel, and it is here that the ethnic genie comes out of the lantern and jumps straight into the pita. Learn more


Israeli Arab Restaurants

Israeli Arab Restaurants | Israel Travel GuideWhen you come on a tour to Israel, we recommend you taste some authentic Arab food, an important element in Israeli cuisine. Learn more


Machne Yehuda Market

Machne Yehuda Market | Israel Travel GuideThe market is one of the most beautiful cultural melting pots in Israel. It offers color and taste which are hard to find anywhere else in the world. Learn more


Tel Aviv Bars

Tel Aviv Bars | Israel Travel GuideThe top bars that dictate and set the tone of night life in Tel Aviv and allow you, on your Israel tour, to experience Tel Aviv from the inside, with the Israelis. Learn more


Israel's Best Parks

Israel Best Parks | Israel Travel GuideThe 10 best parks in Israel - from botanic gardens to zoological gardens, from sports parks to biospheric parks. Learn more


Israeli Wines

Israeli Wines | Israel Travel GuideWhen people think of Israel, the first thought that comes into their heads is not usually that it is a land flowing with... wine. However, Israel is overflowing with surprises as there is always something new to discover in this fascinating country. Learn more


Florentine - Tel Aviv

Florentine | Tel AvivFlorentine is a busy, bustling, neighborhood filled with craftsmen, carpenters, upholsterers, cobblers and bakers. And, for each trade, there are countless shops; some have been around for decades, others are just sprouting up now. Day or night, Florentine awakens the senses. Learn more


Israel Turkish Food

Israel Turkish FoodWhen the Jews fled the Spanish Inquisition in the 15th century and settled in Ottoman Turkey, they found comfort in the Ottoman borek; the pastry reminded them of their own Spanish dough filled with meat. Learn more


Best Gyms in Israel

Best Gyms in IsraelThe gyms we recommend are the equivalent to the best there is in North America. We provide details of some of the gyms which are not necessarily located in the heart of the tourist areas. The tourist staying in Israel for a longer vacation will have the opportunity to try them out. Learn more


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