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Best Gyms in Israel

When you’re planning on making an Israel tour the easiest thing to do would be to train at the hotel gym. As we believe it is our job to help you build a meaningful experience in Israel, during which you encounter the real life of the Israeli, we highly recommend taking the opportunity to train in one of the top gyms in the country, outside the Israeli hotels. From our experience a visit to such a gym, through the veil of sweat, forges new contacts and relations of a different type with Israelis.

The gyms we recommend are the equivalent to the best there is in North America. We provide details of some of the gyms which are not necessarily located in the heart of the tourist areas. The tourist staying in Israel for a longer vacation will have the opportunity to try them out.

The Hebrew University, Givat Ram Campus, Jerusalem

The gym located in the Hebrew university in Jerusalem, covers an area of close to 2,000 sqm. and offers the last word in gym facilities, in Israel and elsewhere in the world. If you want to train professionally, meet students and academics for some chatting, this is the place for you.

Givat Ram, tel: 02-5881234

Holmes Place, Ra’anana

The international chain is considered the most prestigious there is. The Ra’anana branch is a complex of about 4,000 sq.m., well-equipped with the latest facilities, with an infinite number of apparatus and tracks and a vast range of activities and services, including a separate gym for women, a half-Olympic size pool and even a restaurant.

Millenium House, 1 Hatidhar Street, Ra’anana, Tel: 09-7452005

Guff Rishon, Tel Aviv

Here, the emphasis is mainly on quality and close instruction, and a contemporary and individual approach. The gym instructors are highly experienced and happy to help. The place itself is of a medium size – around 1,000 sq.m. – but it is very well equipped with modern appliances in good working order. The ambiance is pleasant and informal. In contrast with other gyms in Tel Aviv, here you won’t feel you’ve come to a mass party, but to a place where people come to work out.

62 Arlozorov Street, Tel Aviv. Tel: 03-5246611

Dynamic Jim, Herzliya

This gym, which has been well maintained for 25 years, is considered one of the longest standing facilities in Israel. It may not offer a wide range of activities but, in terms of appliances, it offers a vast range of aerobic and power appliances. The instructional staff are professional and caring, the place is clean and parking is free. The prices are reasonable.

50 Nordau Street, Herzliya. Tel: 09-9582624

Pure, Tel Aviv

2,000 sq.m. of fashionable but relaxed gym space, on three floors designed in a New York style. On your first visits you may have trouble navigating your way through the spaces which are somewhat confusingly arranged. But the locals will certainly put you at your ease. This is a special experience for anyone who wants to get a feel of the Tel Aviv gym scene.

77 Ben Yehuda Street, Tel Aviv. Tel: 03-5272782

Life & Fitness, Haifa

This outlet located in Haifa, is known for its “stars” – instructors with loyal fans who have followed the instructors for years and plan their work outs according to the instructors’ hours of work. The instructor turnover at the gym is relatively low, and this makes it possible for the customers and instructors to develop and personal and warm relationship. The ambiance there is homey, the appliances are high quality and there is also an outdoor pool which operates from April to November.

107 Hanassi Boulevard, Haifa. Tel: 1-700-50-60-61

Pulse, Eilat

The largest health club in the city, with a floor space of some 1,500 sq.m. Of this about a third is taken up by a balcony overlooking to Gulf of Eilat and the hotel skyline. Here you won’t have to work out next to the hotel guests, the quality of the appliances is high, there are numerous high quality studio classes and a large room for spinning. The club owners make a point of explaining that membership of the club does not only include the sporting activities. Every member also gets a basket of benefits in the leisure city.

1 Hamelakha Street, Eilat. Tel. 08-6333888

Studio B, Tel Aviv

One of the longest serving institutions in Tel Aviv which has hosted an army of women for over a decade. The studio runs on the basis of open classes conducted by the best instructors in their field. Each woman chooses her own class timetable in two main areas: dance and fitness.

124 Ibn Gvirol Street, Tel Aviv. 03-5237026

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