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Israel's Best Hummus

What? You didn't know hummus could be eaten as a meal? Well, here's a list of the best hummus restaurants that you must visit on your tour to Israel.

Abu Hassan – Ali Caravan – Jaffa

What they say:
“The best hummus I have ever eaten!! Highly recommended!! A small stand in Jaffa where people get through hundreds of plates of hummus a day. People sit on the floor by the stand, just to eat this amazing hummus!!”
1 Hadolphin Street, Jaffa
14 Shivtei Yisrael Street, Jaffa

Sa’id – Akko

What they say:
“Maybe it’s better not to eat it because, after this hummus, you can’t eat any other hummus” – Yossi Jimmy. “This isn’t hummus, it’s refined poetry. True gourmet.”
Old City Market, Akko

Hummus Ashkara - Tel Aviv

What they say:
“Amazing complete hummus. The tastiest in Israel. A rough and aggressive texture with a pleasant flavor. Special ambiance with funny and crazy waiters. Try at least once.”
45 Yirmiyahu Street, Tel Aviv

Missedet HaKfar – Abu Shukri – Abu Ghosh

What they say:
“The best hummus there is in Israel, and this is someone whose belly is full of hummus!!!” – Michael. “Excellent hummus, definitely the best in Israel!!! Right in Abu Ghosh (and not between restaurants where everyone goes), a tiny place with great people!!!”
The center of the village, Abu Ghosh

Roni Ful – Tel Aviv

What they say:
“Rare flavor and excellent service. Order the meshulash (triple) – hummus, ful and an egg. The falafel, pita bread and pickles are on the house."
22 Eilat Street, Tel Aviv

Hummus Asli – Tel Aviv

What they say:
“Tasty, clean, fresh. The only down side is the noise (right next to a busy intersection).”
338 Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv

Pinati – Jerusalem

What they say:
“Precise and balanced recipe of hummus and tehina, olive oil and grains. The dish lands on your table within seconds, with spicy felafel, pickles and pita bread. Precise service.”
13 King George Street, Jerusalem
66 Kanfei Nesharim Street, Jerusalem

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