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A Krakow Tour is a necessary part of understanding Poland and its role in the Holocaust. Immerse yourself in the painful past, with carefully guided visits to Auschwitz, the Jewish quarter and the city's synagogues, while taking the opportunity to meet with young Krakow Jews and their hopes for the future.

Krakaw Tours

Krakaw Tours

9 Day | Jewish Group Tour of Poland

Traverse through time and space along the flat lands of Poland. Engage in Jewish history described by the Jewish community of the 16th century as Po-Lan-Ya, Here lies God. Visits to the ancient synagogues of Kazmierez, Krakow as well as ancient Jewish cemeteries in Krakow, Warsaw and Lublin will tell the story of a proud, vibrant Jewish community. Personal meetings with Polish Jewish scholars and leaders of the Jewish community, including Shabbat dinner with community members will provide insight into a community a mere fraction of its earlier glory and yet one which is in the process of re-birth. The painful and powerful visits to the Warsaw Ghetto, Maydanek and Aushwitz-Birkenau to name a few, will allow for your own personal testimony to the remnants of the horrors inflicted upon the Jewish People.

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