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ARZA World launches its new 'Real Time Group Management Feature'

New York, NY., June 22- ARZA World launches its new Real Time Group Management Feature. The Group Management Feature is now available to all tour leaders. Tour leaders are now able to view a list in real time of all their program participants.

Also available to you is your participnats contact information, as well as other useful information. Email info@arzatravel.com and request your user name & password. Upon receiving your user name and password from the ARZA World office simply go to www.arzaworld.com and Log In on the "Traveler Services Toolbar."


Train Tracks to Jerusalem

The Tower of David Museum presents "Train Tracks to Jerusalem", its new temporary exhibition that focuses on the historic train line from Jaffa to Jerusalem from the late 19th century.

The exhibition hall has been transformed into a train station, and the exhibition takes its visitors on to a station platform as if they too are waiting for a train. Outside in the courtyard, the archeological gardens have become the back drop to every train enthusiasts dream... a mini-park of model trains, big and small, that bridge the ancient stones of the Tower of David as well as a huge Model Train City that has non-stop trains running through it. For more information please visit the Tower of David.

ARZA World travelers can visit the Tower of David Museum on their next visit to Israel, and enjoy the majesty of the beautifully lit courtyard, the mini-park of model trains, the Model Train City, the exhibition “Train Tracks to Jerusalem” and the permanent exhibition of the 4000 years of history of Jerusalem.


8 Day - Affordable Israel Program

New York, NY., July 10- ARZA World launched its new 8 Day-Affordable Israel Program. We are excited about this new program which offers 18 new departure dates to Israel and a unique opportunity.

The program is geared to congregations and individuals and offers value and quality.
The program includes non-stop flights from New York on El Al Israel Airlines as well as first class hotels. Passengers can choose to upgrade at a low cost to moderate deluxe hotels such as the Dan Panorama in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
The 8 Day-Affordable Israel touring program includes such highlights as a Shabbat celebration in Jerusalem a walk through the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem and a guided visit to the Western Wall and the Herodian Mansions. We will also visit the 'Life During the Time of the Temple' exhibit at the Davidson Center and Masada, Herod's mountain palace and site of the Jewish Zealots' last stand against the Roman Legionnaires.
Participants will enjoy a walk along the rooftops of the Old City for a behind the scenes look at the various communities in Jerusalem and how they live together.
In the north we will view the archaeological excavations at Beit Shean, one of the largest Roman-Byzantine cities uncovered in Israel and walk through the Tel Dan Nature Reserve located on the largest tributary of the Jordan River and near the Biblical settlement of Dan.
We will also explore Safed, a center of Jewish mysticism for hundreds of years, and a contemporary artists' colony. For a full detailed program please click here


Commission on Social Action/ARZA | Mitzvah Corp in Israel

A brand new program just ended that brought together the resources of the Movement's Commission on Social Action and ARZA - the Tzevet Mitzvah adult Mitzvah Corp trip to Israel. Over the past two weeks, the participants of this trip have been learning about social action issues in Israel as they travel the country and meet with activists and Movement leaders.

Experiences have included painful visits to childcare centers for foreign workers, gleaning fields and speaking with a range of committed leaders who are bringing the values of our Reform Movement to the State of Israel. Each member of this group is gaining a deeper understanding of how Israel is still striving to reach its potential as a Jewish and democratic state that fulfills the vision of both prophets of the bible and of modernity. For a firsthand perspective on how the group experienced last week’s bombing in Netanya click here.
For more information on participating in a future program such as this, contact Rabbi Feldman at mfeldman@urj.org.


e-Dan Club membership is now available to ARZA World travelers

July 11th, 2005
e-Dan Club membership costs nothing and is now available to ARZA World travelers. The e-Dan Club is an Internet club created by the Dan Hotels Israel. Members enjoy exclusive offers, special treatment, and e-Dan Bonus Points that add up to big rewards. Click here to sign up.


Second group of "Argentina Ambassadors" travels to Buenos Aires

July 14th, 2005
Twenty-one college students from North America recently traveled to Argentina with ARZA World to spend two weeks with the country's Progressive Jewish community.

They stayed with host families in Buenos Aires and spent five days working on social action projects together with members of the local branch of Netzer Olami; the work included feeding the homeless at the Chavurah Social Assistance Center and painting classrooms at the Arlene Fern Day School. As part of their work, they met with Rabbi Sergio Bergman, a leader of Argentina’s Progressive community and founder of a network of voluntary organizations that has fed and clothed the needy during the country’s recent economic crisis. The students also visited a number of Jewish interest sites, including Avigdor, a pre-war agricultural colony for Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany, and the AMIA Jewish community headquarters building, which was bombed in the early 1990s, with heavy loss of life. In addition, they spent Shabbat with members of Buenos Aires’ Libertad Synagogue and Congregation NCI-Emanuel.

This was the second time an organized group of North American college students has spent time with Argentina’s Progressive Jews, the first having been in May, 2003. The Argentina Ambassadors program is sponsored by the Union for Reform Judaism’s KESHER College Department in association with the World Union, with funding from the David Heller Foundation, the Norman Lear Family Foundation Fund for Alternative Spring Break Programs of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, the North American Federation of Temple Brotherhoods, and an anonymous donor. (source WUPJnews #160)


ARZA Rabbinic Mission Prepares Rabbis for Passover By Including Egypt & Mt. Sinai

Augusy 11th, 2005
he ARZA Rabbinic Council has selected an itinerary for its January-February 2006 Rabbinic Mission that will include Cairo, Mt. Sinai and Jerusalem as major stopping points and study points on the next Rabbinic Mission. To view cost, availability or to register please click here.

After a few days in Egypt proper visiting the historical sites and meeting high level Egyptian officials, the group will trek through the Sinai desert to ascend Mt. Sinai, reliving the journey of our ancestors as they went from degradation to redemption. The group will then continue on to the promised land for full days of study, meetings, interactions and fun. This trip will also allow the rabbis to visit our Movement’s two kibbutzim, Yahel and Lotan, and to enjoy the wonderful offerings of Israel’s southern-most city Eilat. All rabbis are certain to return to their home congregations prepared to share the experiences of understanding the present Middle East situation from the Egyptian perspective, personal reflections of Mt. Sinai, and the role of entering the land of Israel prior to Passover. To view a detailed program (subject to change) please click here.


URJ-Leadership in Action! | March 6-15, 2006

New York, NY., August 12-Join the Union for Reform Judaism's - Leadership in Action Israel Mission, led by Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie - President, Rabbi Lennard R. Thal - Senior Vice President, Rabbi Daniel H. Freelander - Vice President, and Robert M. Heller - Chairman.
br< What makes this trip different?
Traveling with Reform leaders, you will hear from government officials and meet with Palestinian officials. See Israel through the eyes of Israeli Reform leaders and network with their congregants around the country. Experience the fruit of the Hineini Initiative by meeting with Israeli rabbinic students and visiting Kehilat Yozma and Kehilat Mevasseret Zion. Celebrate Shabbat in Jerusalem, including home hospitality with Reform families. Worship Shabbat morning at Mercaz Shimshon overlooking the Old City with HUC students and faculty. Meet with our Reform high school, college and graduate students in Israel. Visit the new museum at Yad Vashem. Explore your interests on special day trips. Whether this will be your first visit to Israel or your 50th, this is a trip you won't want to miss!
To view the detailed program for the mission click here.
To register now click here.


"Festival of White Nights"

What could be more romantic than walking along rivers and canals when night is as bright as early evening?

ARZA World celebrates the history and heritage of the Jews of Russia and the Baltics by introducing 3 new tours to Russia and the Baltics. ARZA World invites you to travel to Russia, what could be more romantic than walking along rivers and canals when night is as bright as early evening?
From late May to early July nights are bright in St. Petersburg, and the "Festival of White Nights" lasts from June 11 to July 2. "White Nights" are unique to St. Petersburg and northern nights have received much poetic acclaim. St. Petersburg is the world's only metropolis where such a phenomenon takes place every summer. Every year there are days when downtown St. Petersburg is full of people, even at night.
Click here for a detailed program of 9 day | Discover St. Petersburg and Moscow tour

The trips to Russia and the Baltics range in length from a 9 day-Russia tour to a 15 Russia and Baltics trip. The programs were prepared with the cooperation of the World Union for Progressive Judaism and they include guided tours of St. Petersburg and Moscow and meetings with reform leaders.
Leon Tolstoy wrote, "The Jew is everlasting as is eternity itself." The saga of Soviet Jewry corroborates that statement. Rabbi Richard G. Hirsch said in his keynote speech before the WUPJ convention in Moscow in July 2005 "The Jewish people have given to the world more than spiritual values and ennobling ideals. We have contributed the Jewish people itself, an enduring symbol of what Tolstoy describes as, "the emblem of eternity." What greater proof of the indestructibility of the Jewish people and the Jewish spirit than the restoration of Jewish religious, cultural and educational institutions in these lands."


Phil Collins arrives in Israel from Beirut

Tel Aviv, Israel., November 7-British pop icon Phil Collins arrives in Israel from Beirut, will perform in live concert today.
Former Genesis lead singer, British pop-idol Phil Collins arrived in Israel Sunday, and is scheduled to perform at a live concert Monday at the Blumfield Stadium in Jaffa.
Collins and his entourage arrived in Israel with two jets and 80 tons of equipment, after performing in the Lebanese capital of Beirut.
I am a musician and have nothing to say on political issues, Collins said to reporters during a press conference he held at the Tel Aviv Dan hotel, where the singer is staying.
"All I can say in the matter of politics is that the more people show compassion toward one another, the more the world has a chance of becoming a better place," he said.
In an interview with the Israeli press, Collins said he is very happy to perform for his Israeli fans. Collins spoke of his family, old friends from Genesis and his career.


Professor Paul Liptz to lead Educational Travel program to Warsaw, Krakow and Berlin this Summer

New York, NY., November 13-Professor Paul Liptz will lead an Educational Travel program to Central Europe this summer. The 9 Day program will include visits to Warsaw, Krakow and Berlin and is scheduled to depart on July 9th, 2006. Sharing new ideas, challenges, and experiences is rewarding, and you are invited to participate along with others. Program participants come from every walk of life to learn together, to exchange ideas, and to explore the world.

Professor Liptz will share stimulating information through in-depth lectures, field trips, and daily commentary.
Professor Paul Liptz is a social historian who lectures in the Department of Middle Eastern and African History at Tel Aviv University, and in European and Israel Studies at the Hebrew Union College in Jerusalem. He has published articles on contemporary Jewry and Jewish History and has lectured and conducted workshops in 12 countries. In addition, Paul has traveled around Europe with numerous groups and is recognized as an outstanding Scholar in Residence, who is capable of translating complex issues and realities into language we can all understand. Over the years Paul has moved from "straight" History and now incorporates Sociology and Political Science in his teaching.
To learn more about our new 9 day-Central Europe program, starting from only $2668*, with Professor Paul Liptz, please click here.


ARZA Hanukkah Celebration Concert with Shlomo Gronich & The Sheba Choir in Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel, December 19 - Shlomo Gronich & The Sheba Choir will be appearing on Sunday December 25th, 2005 at the Hirsch Theater at Merkaz Shimshon in Jerusalem in front of a sold out crowd as part of the ARZA World Celebration of the Festival of Lights.
Shlomo Gronich is one of Israel's most famous musicians, he writes and produces all of the music for The Sheba Choir which he established in 1991. The choir consists of children from the Ethiopian Jewish community, mostly new immigrants, who now live in Israel.
"We are celebrating two things" said Ya'acov Fried the President of ARZA World "the lighting of the first candle of Hanukkah but also the coming together of more than twenty-five Reform congregations who will be in Israel concurrently."
ARZA World groups residing in Jerusalem will join in the celebration on December 25th. The groups will light the first candle of Hanukkah together, enjoy sufganiyot and hear from ARZA leadership via satellite from New York.


Practical Reform Zionism: Ten things you can do now

1. Sponsor a congregational Israel day, week, or year. Devoting congregational time in support of Israel raises awareness of its accomplish-ments and challenges, and builds connections between North American Reform Jews and the Jewish state. For resources visit www.arza.org.

2. Establish an Israel or ARZA Committee. A vibrant Israel or ARZA Committee can ensure that Israel-related programming plays a significant role in congregational life. For more information visit www.arza.org.
3. Create a congregational trip to Israel. First-hand experiences in Israel can be spiritually inspiring, emotionally transformative, and great fun. ARZA World will work with your congregation to tailor a Reform pilgrimage to Israel; for more information contact ARZA World at (888) 811-2812.
4. Build the next generation of Israel supporters. Consider sending teens in your community on one of NFTY's summer or semester Israel programs, pre-college students on the Carmel program, and college students on the Kesher Israel Connection. Visit www.nfty.org/israel or www.keshernet.com.
5. Join ARZA and Hineini. A significant portion of ARZA membership dollars go directly to the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism and the Israel Religious Action Center; dollars for the Hineini initiative help fund the building of Progressive synagogues in Modi'in and Mivaserret Zion. For more information visit www.arza.org and www.urj.org/hineini.
6. Enhance Yom Ha'Atzmaut. Israel Independence Day provides opportunities for communal discussions of Zionism, interactions with Jews of other denominations, and explorations of new congregational initiatives dedicated to Israel. For more information visit www.urj.org/holidays/haatzmaut.
7. Bring a Reform Israeli to your community. Israeli-based speakers and scholars can offer personal insights on the challenges and successes in the Jewish state. For a list of speakers visit www.arza.org.
8. Deepen your knowledge of Israel and Hebrew. Read Israeli newspapers and magazines written in English (visit www.haaretzdaily.com, www.jpost.com, or www.ynetnews.com). To improve your Hebrew skills, consider the URJ Press' Aleph Isn't Tough! series, the Learn Hebrew Today book and CD-ROM for adults, or the Mitkadem program for youth, all available at www.urjpress.com (click on Hebrew).
9. Fund an Israel project. Funding a project in Israel is a vital way of investing in our common future. The World Union for Progressive Judaism (www.wupj.org) raises funds for Reform congregations and educational programs in Israel that are nurturing modern Jewish identity. Discuss options with your rabbi and/or contact the World Union at 212-452-6530, wupj@urj.org.
10. Move to Israel. Immigrants from our Movement have joined our 25 congregations and two kibbutzim (Lotan and Yahel), ensuring that our values are represented in everyday Israeli life and within the political process. For more information call 212-650-4280.

-Rabbi Andrew Davids, Executive Director, ARZA


Tourism to Israel increased 26 percent in 2005

By The Associated Press

Tourism to Israel increased by 26 percent in 2005 over the previous year, reflecting a turnaround in the industry since Israeli-Palestinian violence dropped.
A total of 1,902,900 tourists visited Israel in 2005, up from 1,505,500 in 2004, Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics said in a release.
But 2005's figure was still 21 percent less than the peak tourism year of 2000, when almost 2.5 million tourists visited the country, the release said. Tourism to Israel began to plummet in September 2001 with the outbreak of Israeli-Palestinian hostilities that has included suicide bombings in major Israeli cities and Israel Defense Forces operations in Palestinian areas.
A turnaround in the industry began when the violence dropped off significantly in 2004 and especially since a cease-fire was signed between the sides a year ago.
Every 1 million tourists bring about $1.5 billion to Israel and supports almost 40,000 jobs, tourism officials say.


Tourists Return to Israel and Prices Drop Accordingly | published by Frommers.com

By Jason Sheftell

The review recommending ARZA World touring programs to Israel was published by Frommer's.
The center of the western religious world, Israel is a special place to many. Drawing believers on religious pilgrimages, Israel's great sites include the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, Via Dolorosa where Christ carried the cross, the town of Bethlehem, and the fort on Masada.
While a spiritual land to multitudes, Israel holds appeal for the less devout.

Tel Aviv is a cosmopolitan city filled with a vibrant youth culture. Haifa remains a funky ancient urban corner where intellectuals sell antiques and artifacts from small stalls and stone-walled shops. Eilat, known for snorkeling, is a beach town that can hold its own with any other beach town. If you like spas and healing salts, The Dead Sea with its thick salt water content allows you to float aimlessly, and allegedly has healing powers. As interest in travel to Israel has spiked sharply upwards over the past six months, tour operators are making travel affordable, even for lengthy stays.

For longer trips to Israel with a focus on Jewish heritage and spa add-ons, try ARZA World (tel. 888/811-2812; www.arzaworld.com). Starting at $2,728, a 13-day "Exploring Israel" tour includes round-trip airfare out of New York, three nights in Tel Aviv, two nights in Galilee, two nights in Eilat and four nights in Jerusalem, fifteen meals including four dinners, all sightseeing in a deluxe motor coach, all luggage portage, and a book, The Spiritual Guide to Israel. This tour is filled with discussions, intellectually guided tours, visits to a Kibbutz to see the daily way of life in Israel and to an artist colony, and a rafting trip down the Jordan River. An optional attendance at a Sabbath service is also available. If you're looking to be pampered, a two-night add-on to the Carmel Forest Spa Resort starts at $629. Israel's largest spa, the Carmel Forest Spa resort is just 50 minutes from Tel Aviv in the heart of the Carmel Forest. Certain treatments are included in the price of the package.

Frommers.com is an essential online destination for those planning the perfect travel excursion. Not only can Frommers.com visitors easily find candid, timely articles written by Frommers.com experts, they also can read excerpts from and purchase Frommer's Guidebooks, while gaining additional insights from lively message boards and purchasing travel products and services from high-quality booking partners.


Shalom Israel - A Winter Escape | February 15-25, 2007

11 Day | Israel Tour Program

Come experience the Land of Israel!
The program facilitates face-to-face encounters with Israelis from all walks of life: Kabbalat Shabbat services with members of Israel's Reform community in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, Druze hospitality near Haifa, and a dialogue with Kibbutzniks on "Kibbutz Ideology and Israeli Reality in the 21st Century" as well as many other opportunities to interact with Israelis.
The Shalom Israel tour program takes you to Independence Hall in Tel Aviv where the declaration of Independence of the State of Israel was signed in 1948. You will also be introduced to Jerusalem at the Herzel Interactive Center on Mount Herzel and view the new three-dimensional computer generated presentation of life during the time of the Temple.
You will take part in a Social Welfare project with the Israel Religious Action Center and personally contribute to the betterment of Israel. You will also have the chance to participate in an active dig at the Bet Guvrin caves and get your hands dirty as you uncover pottery from the Hellenistic period (2,300 years ago!).
This eleven-day program includes round trip flight from New York to Tel Aviv, 9 nights accommodations in first class hotels, all transfers including meeting and assistance at the airport, 14 meals: 9 breakfasts and 5 dinners, exciting sightseeing in a modern air-conditioned motor coach with panoramic windows, reclining seats, and foot rests, the services of a friendly and professional English-speaking tour educator-guide, all entrance fees, restaurant tipping in hotels, and all hotel and airport portage.
In addition each participant will receive a guide book titled “The Spiritual Guide to Israel” by Rabbi Lawrence A. Hoffman, Arza World neck cushions, document holder, luggage straps and name tags.
This program is ideal for first time visitors to Israel and returnees; it is geared towards both families and empty nesters.
For a detailed program, additional information about accommodations, or to register, please click here or visit ARZA World Website
*This remarkable price of $1999 per person reflects a $200 gift from Arza World Travel in support of the URJ pilgrimage resolution which stated: “This year in Jerusalem”. Discount applies to registrations received prior to September 22, 2006 (Erev Rosh Hashanah).
Peace of Mind Travel Protection: You can cancel for any Reason. Choose to protect yourself with our 'Peace of Mind: Cancel For Any Reason' waiver program. Cost: $178 per person.
Online booking available on www.arzaworld.com, for more information or to register by phone call our travel coordinators at 888-811-2812.



With the news of the last week, we, at ARZA World both in New York and in Jerusalem, want to address, up front, the situation that has developed in Israel during the last few days. The Gaza scenario, already several weeks old, has been pushed off the headlines by developments on the border with Lebanon. Hezbollah attacks on Israeli military positions, the abduction of two Israeli soldiers, subsequent Israeli losses, and the wide-ranging Israeli retaliation fill every front page, and TV screen.
We, at ARZA World, would not want to insult anybody's intelligence by playing down the seriousness of the recent developments. The long-term ramifications are not yet clear, but they do seem to suggest a shake-up of the status quo. Most of what we are hearing on the news reflects political and military issues but does not have significant impact on day-to-day life in Israel. Being in Israel, being closer to the situation, having access to more information, and feeling the pulse of the country on the ground is easier than being here watching from afar with sensationalized and selective information.
We, at ARZA World, are not given to heroic gestures. We will modify the itinerary as conditions dictate, avoiding problematic areas. Safety is our first concern, and we will not put anyone in harm's way. Our staff has been and will be checking in with military and security personnel several times a day, and you should be assured that ARZA World, both in New York and in Israel, have a prudent, cautious approach; we would much rather change a day’s program, miss a site, or change accommodations than take any risks.
As of today we have made alternate plans for all of the trips traveling to the North. Groups that were scheduled to stay in the northern Galilee right now have been rerouted to a southern track, and reservations for groups coming to Israel in the near future have been booked for these alternate arrangements as well. Hopefully, the situation will improve and this will be unnecessary, but we want you to know that we have already made alternate arrangements in case they are needed. We have also been working to develop alternate itineraries to make sure that everyone has a safe and wonderful time in Israel. We understand your concerns, and you can be assured that we will be assessing the situation every day, many times a day, and will act with corresponding prudence. In the meantime, we wanted to update you on the situation. We pray for peace and security!

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns.


"Moments of Tranquility" | An Escape from Terror

Over a million people in Israel are now spending part of their day in underground bomb shelters. We at ARZA World have decided to provide "Moments of Tranquility", out of harm's way, to the residents of Northern Israel.
Many habitants of the region have relocated to the homes of relatives further to the south and are now not in danger. However there are many Israelis who either do not have relatives in Israel or lack the financial ability to relocate; many of these are new immigrants.
In the spirit of "Tikkun Olam" ARZA World has created the "Moments of Tranquility" program designed to provide hundreds of residents with an escape from the terror that is rained upon them daily.
Earlier today residents from Kiryat Atta, Kiryat Shmona, and Ma’alot as well as other Northern communities arrived in Jerusalem for a four day fully paid vacation far from harm’s way; the vacation includes accommodations, meals and guided tours of Jerusalem. ARZA World has been working closely with the social services departments at the municipal level to locate those who are most in need and has identified hundreds of families who can be beneficiaries of the program.
This morning six ARZA World tour educators and drivers who volunteered for the risky trip to the north and who would usually be guiding Congregations from North America during, what was supposed to be, a busy tourist season found themselves standing on buses and guiding Israeli “refugees” in Hebrew. When Doron Ezra, one of the volunteer tour educators, was asked if he was concerned about his trip to the danger zone he commented, “I was most concerned about the fact that I had never guided in Hebrew, but, as time went by, I sort of got into it.” Ezra Korman, an educator and DAAT’s VP, who coordinated the complex logistical operation said that “when we crossed into safety and out of the range of the rockets we made an announcement, and the people on the buses roared with happiness.” As an afterthought Ezra added, “I can only imagine the relief they felt; it truly moved and inspired me to be part of this effort which provides security and joy.”
The first six buses arrived in Jerusalem today, a little later than expected because upon the buses arrival in Ma’alot the sirens sounded. Our educators and bus drivers had to head for the nearest bomb shelter to wait it out, but, as soon as it was safe, they began filling the buses with people eager for a break from the rocket attacks.
"We are planning to offer this break for many other residents of the North in a number of towns and cities in the days to come" said Ya'acov Fried-President of DA'AT.
One of the participants, Oxana (seen here with her family upon their arrival in Jerusalem), came on our program with her extended family. They live in Kiryat Atta and made aliyah recently from Irkutzk in Siberia. Guy Millo, ARZA World’s Executive VP, spoke with Oxana upon her arrival in Jerusalem. When Guy asked her how they were coping with the rocket attacks in their hometown Oxana replied, "I am strong. It was difficult for me, but I could handle it. It was terrible for my children. Thank you."
We would like to invite you to join ARZA World in supporting “Regaim Shel Sheket | Moments of Tranquility” and helping to offer some peace of mind to even more residents of the North.
Many aspects of this project have already been donated by the companies we work with in Israel, and ARZA World is covering the remaining expenses. However sponsorship opportunities still exist and your help is needed!
We invite you to sponsor one person ($120) or even a whole busload ($5400). Any group or organization sponsoring a bus will have their name on that bus’s banner. Contributions of any amount, large or small, are greatly appreciated by both ARZA World and the people in Israel benefiting from this program.
If you want to help you can forward this article to a friend or to your entire contact list.
To contribute you can email Brianna Becker at bbecker@arzatravel.com or call at 888-811-2812 x205. For more information feel free to contact Brianna in our New York office. Or if you would like to speak to one of the people in Israel spearheading this project please call Guy Millo at 011-972-54-539-4375 or ARZA World’s President Ya’acov Fried at 011-972-52-520-0900.
Hopefully, these difficult times for all will be over soon, and we will see you again in Israel on an ARZA World Tour. We pray with you for more peaceful times and the return of travelers to Israel’s beautiful North.
*Please make all donations payable to ARZA World - “Moments of Tranquility”. Your donations will be used solely to fund the “Regaim Shel Sheket | Moments of Tranquility” program.