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The Best Israel Tours
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Looking for a special experience in Israel for your family, friends, congregation, colleagues or something completely different? Check out the options below to find an Israel tour that fits with what you are looking for-if it’s not there, connect with us so that we can customize a program just for you and- strengthen your identity, question your identity, strengthen what you know, question what you know, open your eyes to the power of nature and open your eyes to all of the challenges and achievements of this wonderful country.
A trip to Israel with ARZA World is a communal, personal, spiritual emotional and educational experience all wrapped into one.

Reform Israel Tour

my reform community

A congregational tour is an incredibly effective contributor to a greater understanding of the role that Israel plays in our Jewish legacy, helps dissolve barriers, and creates lasting relationships beyond compare. Ancient walls, rocky paths historic synagogues, beautiful nature, and intriguing individuals bring Jewish past and present to life. The complexities of nationhood are explored and participants are challenged to ponder the meaning and the glory of a Jewish State.


bar/bat mitzvah israel tour

Israel offers an abundance of meaningful backdrops for the magical combination of the Bar and Bat Mitzva milestone with a family trip to Israel. Every experience is unique. Jewish history reveals its splendor and comes alive at ancient sites, archeological digs, mystical alleyways, powerful cliffs and crashing waves. This trip is a great way to ensure that your child’s experience will last a lifetime.

Active Israel Tour

active israel study tour for adults

Through introspection, hands-on experiential learning and group dialogue, the multifaceted nation of Israel is revealed. The complex democracy, ancient history, intricate weave of diversity and modern innovation in Israel begs for in-depth exploration. Leading educators will share their insight and expertise so that seasoned scholars and curious new pupils alike will have room to grow, connect and learn.

12 day Family Israel Tour

family israel tour

Experience the history, diversity, and passion of Israel, surrounded by your family. The Old City of Jerusalem, Hezekia’s tunnel, Golan Heights jeep rides, the vibrancy of Tel Aviv, the power of the desert- and everything in between- will cause this multi-generational family experience to stay with you and your family for a lifetime.

Multi Faith Israel Tour

miraculous multi faith experience

Traveling with companions of multiple faiths, allows for new perspectives. This land provides room to discover one’s self, one’s community and one another. Create unparalleled experiences for your community with visits to sites holy to Jews, Christians and Muslims. Dialogue among participants will contribute to a deep understanding of each faith’s connection to the land, the history, and the narratives of the past and the present.

12 day Family Israel Tour

israel here & now

Experience firsthand the complexities of an ever-changing geopolitical climate. Move beyond the surface; stand on borders; view the security barrier; and examine the moral dilemmas encountered regularly in this tumultuous region. You will meet multiple personalities, representing multiple opinions. Scholars and politicians will share challenges facing Israeli society, and participants with learn that there’s more here than meets the eye.

MICE Israel Tour

an incentive program in israel

Israel’s beaches, flexible attitude, rich history and flourishing culture make it the perfect destination for incentive travel. Watching the sunset over the Mediterranean, cocktails in Jerusalem, archeological remains on a mountain top, or visits to sites holy to Judaism, Christianity & Islam are perfect ways to reward team members and enhance inner-office dynamics. Experiential, engaging, and fun, a company sponsored trip will create life long memories.

Women Israel Tour

women's israel tour

Let the State of Israel unveil herself in all of her modern glory. Come on a magnificent journey and experience Israel with women just like you! Our Women's Tour to Israel will allow you to laugh, learn, love, embrace and feel together as only a group of "sisters" can.

Ecology Israel Tour

ecology & nature israel tour

The ecological challenges and cutting-edge approaches taken to preserve and restore the environment are presented traveling through the magnificent landscape. Meet world leaders in the field of sustainable living, visit restored rivers, learn about locally developed technologies that provide alternative power, and much more. Israel's rich history and diverse population coupled with its ecological conscientiousness and unique innovative outlook make it an ideal ecotourism destination.